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The linux version keeps crashing for me after selecting the resolution.

Gameplay isn't very interesting and the horror elements are too funny to be scary. Got stuck on the bigfoot part from not great controls that kept running me into trees, or just being caught because he's way too fast.


Bigfoot is a more complex creature than you may realize ;)


I ran away from a jpeg of bigfoot in the woods 10/10 would play again


that ski slope part is utterly dumb - no real way past the bench. disappointing and boring. 

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Dont look at the wendigos
Go into the ski lodge to turn on power

Sorry ya had a bad time, but thank you for giving us a shot!

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When you go into the lodge there's no way past the guy in there though.
Also, there is a softlock in that level. If you go to the back of the lodge and try to jump behind it, it will let you but then you cannot move or jump back out.

you can get past them, its just incredibly hard - I've not been able to do it but I watched a player panic and make it past the one inside

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So much enjoyable and unique. The camera changes and gameplay is 2D and 3D, fantastic! Loved this! 

Really liked the 2D to 3D transition and the ambience was well made, for a 36 hour game, it's well done! Thank you for making this! 1st Game.


I love the two contrasting gameplay styles of the 2D driving and 3D walking sections. You were able to make them blend together into the same game nicely. Great work! 


ive been downloading a bunch of linux (since i use it) games because theyre always more fun than what you usually get on steam and most everything there is payed lmao so this will be a fine addition!

Thank you for giving us a shot!
Full disclosure, I dont have a linux machine of my own (outside of my raspberry pi), so let me know if you have any trouble installing!

I dont believe there will be any version-specific glitches, however (theres a list of well-known bugs that Im gearing up to patch soon, though)


This was pretty well done altogether. I mention various times that I really like the transition between 2D and 3D and also the strange yet creepy atmosphere of the game which makes it pretty unique. For 36 hours, this was more than I expected to see and I really enjoyed it overall!


very spoopy! sometimes the grainy filter was a bit hard on my eyes but i love the atmosphere :)


Good game

The game physics were a little weird besides that it was a okay game. 

Thanks for playing!
It was a miracle that we got the physics to work at all in the time limit we had lol


Love the unique abstract feel of the game!

Great job Developer!

Thank you so much for playing!