The project begins!

We are excited for the game to come!
So, what will this game be?
We aim to make a 3D Skate-Platformer Challenge game in which the main character uses the recoil from a shotgun as a means of traversing the stage. The game will have flashy cartoonish visuals, funny yet meaningful plot and characters, and a fun Rollerblading-Shotgun-Wielding-Plant-Person protagonist.
We go into this project with high hopes, yet we are keeping in mind that we are just two people. Wish us luck!
This early on, we don't have much to show, but here's a mood board of images, as well as some original sketches by Sam, that we are using to formulate the overall vibe of the game
For this project, we plan on using Unity Game engine for its 2D in 3D sprite tools

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