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The Game:

**Recommended download to play for much smoother experience**

Reed the Robotanist is a 3D platformer that focuses on speed and high-risk, high-reward maneuvers, and A love letter to the early 2000s arcade platformers!
Take on the role of Reed Shoots, a plant humanoid, and fight against the iron grip of a megalomaniacal oil baron! Turn up the music, grab your G.U.N., and get to work!



  • 47 G.U.N.-Tastic Levels!
  • A fresh 19 song soundtrack
  • 8 Character-filled cutscenes
  • 1 Mecha Hydraulic Fracking machine that you need to destroy!


Developed by: Maxwell Kunze and Sam Hundley

Music Provided by: Aeon Bridge, Nahuales Underground, Stephen DiGiacomo, EJSpark, and Chukwa

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Apr 30, 2021
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsMaxjk0, Pash
Made withUnity
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Fast-Paced, Funny, nonbinary-protagonist, satire, Speedrun, Story Rich, Third Person, weird
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Dance pad, Playstation controller
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


Reed the Robotanist - Mac Build (Untested) 95 MB
Reed the Robotanist - Linux Build (Untested) 96 MB

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Hello, I have been playing on Steam and having a great time. But many stages do not record my best time, instead just displaying a single "9" where my time should be. Any chance this could be fixed?

Will look into it if I get time. Did you happen to have multiple versions of the game at any time? ie- get the game on super rare games mixtape then steam? It may cause a desync in the stats, you can at least reset it by deleting the save in your appdata folder if that's the case

I only own the standalone Steam version. I can also grab some screenshots if that would help? Also, A2L3 is one of the levels which has consistently failed to record my time if that helps.

I think deleting your saves might fix it. I unfortunately programmed all of that very terribly, as I was still really new to doing save systems

The in-game buttons for deleting progress don't seem to change anything. I also did a fresh install and the data was still there, and the bug still present. Do I need to go into the game files and delete something to remove the save data?

I think so. Try going to Users/[your windows user]/Appdata/LocalLow/HoverSportStudios/ and deleting Reed The Robotanist Plus?

This is for windows


very noice :) 


Here's a full playthrough if people were curious about later stages