Coming along nicely!
This week, we've got a lot done!

For starters: Cutscene dialogue sprites! Sam has made talking animations for most of the main characters! (Fert, MOM, Reed, and Reed before she gets the glasses)
We've begun prototyping the cutscenes - Placeholder art is being used to sequence the images for the VN-Like cutscenes, we have the first 3 major cutscenes done on that front

Grey-boxing - Areas 1-3 are mostly complete! Minor Tweaks to level times need to be done, and major tweaks to some levels in area 3 must be done

UI - The level select menu is more functional, allowing players to select levels from any of the currently avaliable ones. The pause menu is complete! We decided to have some delay for the pause menu to show up in order to discourage the player from pause-buffering. We hid this behind an animation playing for pausing the game

Audio - Sam and I have been more than happy to work with various local artists that are helping us bring music to this game! Everyone we have worked with has been really kind and helpful, and we cant wait until we can get some songs in the game! I have been able to program in the in-game ipod for the player to use, though it is not feature complete (it currently has a playlist and allows the player to skip and go back a song. We'd like to have a mute button and some more settings later)

Playtesting: Playtesting has revealed that many of our levels are just about as chaotic yet fair as we want, though it is apparent that some levels need major revisions to be more in line with the game mechanics. Air control is a big issue - I have some levels that feel that they are for a game with more air control than this one. I need to rework them to be more fun with the way this game works (Air control in our game is reserved for the GUN Device, encouraging its use) I've found that thinking as it as Real-Time golf is more helpful. The player gets to choose when to chuck themselves in a direction, but they don't get a ton of air control, so its more a game of planning, aiming, and timing, than it is of avoiding and dodging.

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