Not much that we can visually show for this week, as the main focus of this week has been tweaks, bug-fixes, and features that are either not directly visible, or are not ready to be shown to the public

Since last week:

-A pause-menu has been added

-A more robust level-select screen has been added

-Save functionality! This one was tough for me, I've not worked too much on save/load features before, so adding functionality to save not only players' progress, but their high scores and level-times as well was an interesting challenge. This took a majority of the time that I worked on the game this week

-Area Start Screen more finalized

-Major plot updates - we cant show our script, but we've reviewed it with friends and have made some revisions, its much closer to finalized now!

-The Timer Has been Moved to the bottom middle of the screen to make it more noticeable, however we are considering changing it's design to look better at the bottom middle of the screen

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